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UL Flame Retardant & 1446 Insulation Resins

UL Flame Retardants
UL Flame Retardants
UL Flame Retardant
Lead Wire Potting
UL Flame Retardant
UL 94: The Standard for Safety of Flammability of Plastic Materials

CDx Industrial offers a wide range of EFI Polymers UL94 flame retardant potting & encapsulation systems found in UL file E211862. These systems are rated UL94-V0, as well as systems that carry UL’s highest flame retardant rating of UL94-5VA.  

Several of our flame retardant resins have superior ratings for CTI (comparative tracking index), HWI (hot wire ignition), and HAI (high ampere arc ignition), and even UL-F1 approval for outdoor suitability to water immersion and UV exposure.

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Click on the link below to view our product selection chart for some of our popular flame retardant systems with key attributes.

EFI Polymers Flame Retardant Systems >
UL 1446 Insulation Systems
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An electrical insulation system (EIS) is comprised of a unique combination of insulation materials that have been verified for chemical compatibility with magnet wire when used at certain maximum temperatures. These combinations are arranged to form insulation systems such as those used in coils for motors, transformers and solenoids.


CDx Industrial has dozens of coil potting & encapsulation products capable of covering the full range of UL 1446 temperature classes in degrees Celsius shown below. We can also modify our existing UL-1446 recognized chemistries to meet our customers specific needs, often without the requirement for a costly UL sealed tube test. This is due to the UL 746 material substitution list allowing for certain variances within a percentage of the original formulation. (fillers, color, modifiers, etc.)

120°C (Class E) 

130°C (Class B)

155°C (Class F)

180°C (Class H) 

200°C (Class N)

220°C (Class R)

240°C (Class S)

We also have 5 extensive UL insulation systems available for adoption at no charge, provided all the applicable components used in your product are contained in one of our current insulation systems. This is a very cost-effective way to introduce a UL Insulation system to your company without the high cost of a UL Sealed Tube test.


UL 1446 can be very complex, and we welcome a conversation to help you understand the intricacies to decide which path works best for your company and your products.

Click on the links below to download each UL 1446 insulation systems at Underwriters Laboratories brochures

Systems B1  (Class B 130C) >

Systems B2  (Class B 130C) >

Systems H1  (Class H 180C) >

Systems H2  (Class H 180C) >

Systems H3  (Class H 180C) >

Request a copy of our white paper: Motor Stator Potting & Encapsulation below.

UL 1446 Insulation Systems

Contact CDx Industrial for samples, technical data sheets and full product line info or to discuss your specific flame retardant potting application needs.

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