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Electrical Potting & Encapsulation 

CDx Industrial offers a very wide range of products and solutions for potting and encapsulation of sensitive electronics. Our electrically insulating epoxy, urethane and silicone resins are engineered to protect electrical and electronic components from all elements of stress, including:


  • water, moisture

  • chemicals, gases, salts and oils

  • thermal shock and wide temperature range thermal cycling

  • vibration, impact, abrasion and crack resistance

  • partial discharge or corona in high voltage applications.

  • low or zero outgassing requirements


Our flexible low Tg systems prevent damage or malfunction from stresses of CTE over wide temperature ranges, such as with sensitive SMT components on PCB’s and sensors, while our high thermal conductivity and low CTE systems dissipate heat in high temperature applications such as motors, transformers and power management systems.


CDx Industrial offers EFI Polymers extensive line of UL-94 V0 & 5VA flame retardant systems, as well as a vertically integrated suite of UL 1446 insulation systems for use up to 250°C.

UL Flame Retardant and 1446 Insulation Resins >

Coil Potting >

Epoxies >

Polyurethanes >

No matter what the requirements are, one of our +500 products has you covered. Click the links above for our UL systems & Brochures, however we encourage you to communicate with us directly to review the exact requirements of your potting application as well as your manufacturing capabilities so we can make the best recommendation for your product.

Contact CDx Industrial to request Technical Data sheets, SDS or to sample our recommended materials.

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