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Custom Tailored Formulations & Private Labeling

  1. Do you need a proprietary or exclusive chemistry made to spec?

  2. Has your current potting, encapsulant or adhesive product become obsolete or discontinued?

  3. Perhaps your current system has fallen out of compliance with RoHs, REACH, FDA, Prop 65, UL Class or other regulatory compliance?

  4. Maybe you just aren’t finding a standard product that meets all your needs?

We can formulate a direct chemical equivalent or provide a chemistry that is tailored specifically for your cured performance requirements while remaining within your production manufacturing capabilities. Our chemists will deliver a high quality, cost-effective solution for virtually any industry or application.


  • Where purchasing volume supports, there are no costs associated with formula development

  • Epoxy, Polyurethane, Silicone and water-based emulsion capabilities

  • State of the art laboratory testing and analysis

  • Batch to batch consistency with Certificates of Conformance

  • Fast turn-around and responsiveness where time-line is critical

  • Private Labeling & toll manufacturing of proprietary formulas available

  • Full documentation package provided, including SDS and all necessary certifications

  • We work directly with all regulatory agencies on your behalf, including UL (Underwriters Laboratories)

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Contact us today to get started on development of a custom formulation.

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