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About CDx Industrial

CDx Industrial specializes in providing solutions for products requiring potting & encapsulation resins, industrial adhesives, thermal management systems, and mixing & dispense equipment. From a fully automated production process to hand mixing, if one of our +500 standard product combinations do not meet your cured performance or manufacturing processing requirements, we can custom tailor or modify chemistries to meet your goals. 

Do you want to explore chemistry that solves a problem, increases output, improves performance or reduces costs?
The likely answer is all of the above. Maybe you have a cracking issue from wide temperature swings, need to accelerate your cure time so you can move to secondary processes faster, or eliminate air bubbles. Perhaps you need higher thermal conductivity, dielectric strength or are looking to mitigate an environmental or health & safety concern? Overcoming these unique challenges and solving problems is where we do our best work!

Already have mixing & dispense equipment?
No problem, we can provide a solution that is compatible with your current ratio & production machinery. If a change is needed, we’ll work directly with the machine manufacturer to ensure the proper configuration to dispense our adhesive or potting resin. 


Leadership and Collaboration Team

Daniel Craig

Principal Sales and Applications Engineer


Not to be confused with the actor who makes spy movies, although he is the 007 of solving the unique problems that our customers face every day. Not only when determining the right chemistry for product performance, but in developing the even more important strategy for implementing it in a production process that is suitable for their distinctive capabilities. Daniel’s education and training at Lewis University utilized countless variations of polymer composites, structural adhesives and engineered plastics for aircraft Airframe, Powerplant and Non-destructive evaluation. He developed hands-on mechanical, electrical, and factory automation expertise as production technical services leader and applications engineer for Process Control Technologies, a conveyor automation company for the manufacture of Printed Circuit boards. He developed his relationship with EFI polymers over 10 years at Loma Systems, where he facilitated the implementation of a one-piece flow production line for manufacture of metal detectors for the food industry. Daniel collaborated with EFI on the extensive adhesive requirements of its construction across all stages, and through to the unique potting matrix of the internal coil and aperture liners. The relationship, success and trust established with EFI Polymers led to the launch of CDx Industrial Potting and Adhesives.

Bruce Thoet

President, EFI Polymers

Valerie Walker

CTO EFI Polymers

Mark Harris
Commercial Product Manager, EFI Polymers

Cathy Griffith & Michael Caracciolo

Regulatory Management, EFI Polymers


Compliance & Certifications

  • ISO 9000-2015 - Request a copy of our ISO 9000-2015 Certificate below.

  • UL Certifications >

  • RoHs/Reach – All of the products we produce are compliant to current RoHs & REACH regulations. Contact CDx Industrial if you need a letter of compliance for a specific product.

  • Prop 65 - Contact CDx Industrial if you need a product that meets Prop 65 compliance, or if a letter of compliance for a specific product is needed

  • FDA – CDx Industrial offers several FDA compliant chemistries pertaining to FDA  CRF 175.105. Contact CDx if you need a product or custom formulation that meets FDA compliance

Regulatory Support

We believe that full compliance with environmental, health and safety regulation is the only acceptable business practice. Managing complex regulatory compliance issues can be difficult and costly with consequences that include significant financial penalties. We recognize that our customers are faced with many of the same regulatory hurdles.

To meet these difficult challenges, we have invested in expert support staff and low impact product offerings that reduce regulatory risk for us and our customers. Our compliance all-star Cathy Griffith manages regulatory compliance and consult with our customers to solve a variety of compliance and safety initiatives. Cathy joined EFI Polymers from Compliance Professionals in year 2000 and brings over 25 years of experience in regulatory consulting services to our company.

We assist customers in air permit analysis, health and safety training, SDS management and risk assessment for chemical handling and disposal issues. Private label customers benefit from our expertise in SDS protocol, national and international labeling standards and TSCA compliance.

Contact CDx Industrial today to review your application
and find the balance you need from material handling,
to manufacturing process and cured performance.
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