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Dispensing Equipment and Process Development

Industrial engineered adhesives & potting systems processed in a volume production environment will only perform to their cured specifications when a dedicated process is developed for handling, mixing, applying, and curing them.


The manufacturing process is equally, if not more important than the polymer selection itself, and that’s why we don’t just recommend chemistry alone. A single chemistry may be suitable for numerous applications, however, each may require a unique manufacturing technique to perform in your specific product. We develop industrial potting & adhesive solutions based on your product's unique requirements, and within your company’s manufacturing capabilities.



From a fully automated production process to hand mixing,
CDx Industrial will carefully study


  • Production volume goals per day

  • Dispensing flow rate

  • Shot size/volume of each fill

  • Complex geometry

  • Proper mixing, especially with wide disparity ratios and viscosities

  • Eliminate air bubbles, pooling and voids (utilizing vacuum where necessary)

  • Homogeneous filler management in filled resins (from container to machine to part)

  • Critical Temperatures:

    • Careful attention to preheat temp limits of material, molds, tooling and part

    • Controlling Exotherm and shrinkage

    • Unique cure schedules that allow the polymer network to cure without inducing stress


Through our alliance with trusted fluid motion & meter mix dispense manufacturers, CDx can deliver a complete production solution tailored to meet your cured performance goals within your budgetary needs.

Fluid Metering, Mixing, and Dispense Equipment Suppliers we collaborate with:


  • Ashby Cross – Meter Mix Dispense Equipment manufacturer.

  • Demak Group – Meter Mix Dispense Equipment manufacturer.

  • Exact Dispensing Systems – Meter Mix Dispense Equipment manufacturer.

  • Rook Metering / Michael Engineering Ltd. – Meter Mix Dispense Equipment manufacturer.

  • PVA – Spray Coatings & Meter Mix Dispense Equipment manufacturer.

  • FlakTech – Speed Mixing Equipment manufacturer. Utilizing a dual asymmetric centrifugal mechanism,
    the SpeedMixer spins materials in two different directions simultaneously.

*Note that CDx only specifies equipment and production methods for customers processing materials from EFI Polymers.

Contact CDx Industrial to begin a process development collaboration and optimal dispensing solution for your application today.

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