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Industrial Adhesives

Structural Adhesives

CDx Industrial offers structural adhesives for a wide range of industrial applications and are available in several chemistries:

  • 1 and 2 part epoxies

  • 2 part Polyurethane

  • Cyanoacrylate ("super glue")

  • Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) (low odor)

  • Water Based Epoxy

  • Waterborne urethane

  • Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA)

Structural Adhesives

Structural adhesives eliminate mechanical fasteners and welds while reducing weight, preventing corrosion, and even improving aesthetics. Our wide range of adhesives yield superior bond strength and durability on a variety of substrates including but not limited to, metal, wood, ceramic, composites, and difficult to bond materials such as plastics, PVC and vinyl just to name a few.

  • Flexible or rigid

  • Room temp or heat cure

  • Environmentally resistant

  • Highly toughened & impact resistant

  • Thermally conductive (adhesives and gel)

  • Gap filling

  • High and low temp

  • Chemical resistance

CDx Industrial structural adhesives can be supplied in bulk as single gallons, pails, drums and totes; or in convenient to use cartridges of 50mL, 200mL or 400mL size. CA and MMA are provided in various bottle sizes 20-500 grams.

Our adhesive product chart highlights some of our popular epoxy and polyurethane adhesive systems. Customization and application specific consultation is always available. 


Contact CDx Industrial for samples and more information about our full range of adhesives and specialty systems, technical data sheets, SDS, or for a recommendation for your specific application.

Honeycomb and Laminate Panel Adhesives

High Strength To Weight Ratios Demand High Performance Adhesives

A honeycomb or laminate sandwich panel uses adhesive reinforced skins bonded to an internal honeycomb core that resists shear stresses from the tension and compression subjected to the outer skins. The skins and cores are most commonly made of aluminum, however, a wide variety of materials from paper, foam, and wood, to a plethora of engineered films and plastics are also utilized.


CDx Industrial adhesives are formulated by EFI Polymers, and exhibit a highly toughened, superior strength-to-weight ratio across a broad range of substrates. We have specially formulated chemistries for numerous industries, including mass transit rail, automobile, marine, aerospace, trucking & trailers, construction, and even traditional & parabolic solar panels. All systems are solvent free, 100% solids.


For honeycomb panels, most of our adhesives are formulated with controlled rheology necessary for proper fillet development where the skins contact the core. Since very little contact area is available between core and skin, the fillet is critical for increasing the surface area of the bond and providing structural integrity.


In addition to skin to core products, we also have options for edge-to-edge gluing, along with non-sag, sandable edge filling systems.

honeycomb exfoliation.png

For laminating applications, our systems provide proper wetting and film formations free of “fish eyes” and agglomeration, especially where surface tenson is challenging such as plastics, PVC and vinyl.

  • Superior shear, drum peel and compressive strength

  • Wide range of working time options for flexibility in various manufacturing methods

  • Room temp cure and heat cure

  • Tailored rheology’s for thixotropy, sag and fillet development

  • Flame retardant and Fire Smoke Toxicity options available (FR & FST). Contact CDx Industrial

  • Polyurethane options available. Contact CDx Industrial >

Contact CDx Industrial for samples or more information about our full range of adhesives and specialty systems, technical data sheets, SDS, or for a recommendation for your specific application.

Honeycomb Adhesives
Acousticl Panel Adhesives
Acoustical Panel Adhesives & Anchoring Resins

CDx Industrial offers EFI Polymers acoustic panel product suite of environmentally friendly, water based polyvinyl acetate (PVA) adhesives and 100% solids anchoring resins. (also known as “Spotting Resin”).  These materials are tested according to ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test and have achieved a Flame Spread Rating of 25 or less (Class A).

These water-based PVA materials are free of solvents and styrene, are non-yellowing, and designed to be used with fiberglass acoustic panels, mineral wool, recycled materials, foam, wood, foams, leather, FSK, ASJ or any other porous substrate. They dry tack-free and can be cleaned easily with water.  

Edge Hardener
Our edge hardener material is a modified waterborne PVA resin that is formulated with a unique blend of surfactants enabling the material to quickly and easily penetrate any porous substrate.  The resulting edge is hard and rigid which holds its shape, allowing you to stretch fabric for clean tight corners.  This material is applied by dipping, rolling, or spraying.  With the addition of a heat, panels can by dry and ready for handling in as little as 15-20 minutes.

Face Adhesive
Our face adhesives are designed to offer excellent wet tack, quick green strength, and fast set-up.  This material also dries tack free, and is easy to apply via spraying or rolling.  The unique thixotropy of this adhesive allows you to apply the material across the entire face of your acoustic panel without effecting its acoustic qualities.

Anchoring Resin (Spotting Resin)
Our 100% solids fiberglass panel anchoring epoxy eliminates the challenges that come with traditional polyester resin. No VOC’s, no solvents, and completely free of styrene and or other irritating odors. These systems are dimensionally stable and will not warp panels from exothermic heat. The low viscosity provides deep penetration to provide a thick embedment to anchor mechanical fasteners.

Work with us directly for Equipment and processing recommendations regarding these products.

Contact CDx Industrial for samples, technical data sheets, SDS, or for a recommendation or equipment support for your specific Acoustic Panel application.

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